HoPe-CaRe Intervention Project Report

Published on Apr 28, 2023

A homeless patient, initially discovered on the streets by our team with the invaluable support of community members on Thursday, April 20, 2023, was promptly presented at the Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro, for inpatient care.

Remarkably, our intervention uncovered that he was a former patient of the hospital who had lost touch with follow-up care after the passing of his mother. Through the efforts of the hospital's social workers, two of his siblings were located and visited him on the ward. Unfortunately, they lack the means to take him home or provide support upon discharge.

About two months later, having achieved a stable mental state, the patient was discharged from the ward and transitioned to our facility to embark on his community reintegration journey.

The HoPe-CaRe intervention project stands as a beacon of hope, successfully restoring hope to numerous mentally-ill community members.

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